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You Can Rely on Us to Keep Your Business Moving: COVID-19

You Can Rely on Us to Keep Your Business Moving: COVID-19
Inspections throughout COVID-19

In keeping with its commitment to raise safety standards across the lift industry, HSE has stressed that companies must fulfil their legal requirements under Thorough Examination throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

"There is no grace period, and thorough examinations should continue to be conducted on or before the expiry date of the last report of examination as required by LOLER. If this cannot be done, then the equipment shall be quarantined to prevent use."

Read the complete guidelines here.

Dedicated to keeping your business in motion

Our cloud-based platform Kinetic, helps you carry out thorough inspections whilst supporting your workflow. The multi-user access ensures that all vital users of the system can continue to work anywhere, helping to facilitate workers who can work from home.

Working offline
Under the current circumstances, wi-fi and working online have never been under so much pressure. Whilst engineers are on site carrying out inspections, the Kinetic app collects all their input data, even without a secure internet connection. Once connected, the automatic sync will send the vital inspection data back to the central system, ready to create and send reports to management and clients.

Encouraging clients to give location descriptions of onsite equipment helps reduce time onsite for an efficient inspection process and, in this uncertain time, ensures that engineers can find equipment onsite whilst practising safe social distancing advised by the UK Government.

Motion’s response to COVID-19
Motion is working closely with our clients to provide advice and guidance concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We take our duty of care to our employees, customers and clients very seriously, and we will continue to monitor developments and take the latest Government advice.

As a valued member of the Motion family, we appreciate the trust you place in us to ensure all your critical operational software and services continue. You can rely on us to support you throughout this uncertain time. In the event of our office closing for isolation purposes, we have contingency plans in place that allow our helpdesk technicians to work as usual from home.

Stay Safe
As Coronavirus evolves, we hope you are safe and taking all the necessary precautions.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything mentioned in this article, please get in touch by calling us at +44 (0)1224 820099 or emailing us at info@motionsoftware.co.uk.