Enhanced Security & User Experience Updates Coming to Motion Kinetic

In a bid to strengthen security and improve the user login experience, we are pleased to announce some exciting updates coming to soon to Motion Kinetic. 

Our latest development project aims to further enhance security through the introduction of up-to-date security protocols, ensuring a fresher user login experience as well as faster, more secure access to Kinetic. 

Over the coming months, users will see the introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA), a crisper login experience and a much simpler SSO configuration process. In addition to benefitting from improved security, these updates will reduce the admin overhead for customers by removing the need to administer Kinetic specific user credentials. 

Users of the Kinetic mobile app will have already seen the introduction of a one-time password (OTP) functionality, ensuring a seamless and more secure login process. Using OTP, users can now conveniently use their corporate identities to access to the mobile application. 

This particularly benefits customers already using Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations as SSO is no longer just specific to the main system, it is now also available on the mobile app. 

The updated login experience has been seamlessly integrated into the existing mobile app, and we encourage all users to update to the latest version to unlock the full potential of the OTP functionality. 

While this update adds significant value for customers using SSO configurations, all Kinetic customers will have access to the OTP functionality within the mobile app.  

These updates further highlight our commitment to further enhancing Kinetics’ security and reaffirms our position as a frontrunner in the inspection software domain. To find out more about these new updates and features as we roll them out, please visit our Kinetic Updates webpage for the latest information. 


We take Cybercrime and fraud prevention seriously. Any changes to our bank details or remittance information will be notified in writing by post and can be verified by our Credit Controller. Please disregard any other requests for bank account updates.


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