Customer Case Study: ESiNet

Discover how Kinetic was specifically tailored to meet ESiNet’s bespoke and niche requirements.

ESiNet's Transformation with Kinetic

ESiNet, a leading members only engineer and inspection network, has been a valued customer of Motion Kinetic for almost four years.

Through its team of experienced Directors, Phil, Dave, Marc, Matt and John collectively bring a wealth of industry expertise, enabling ESiNet to provide a bespoke customer-focused inspection/examination and reporting service. In addition, they provide the tools and an invaluable support network to individuals looking to establish themselves as independent engineers.

With a unique and growing network of independent engineers, ESiNet offers complete national coverage, from Scotland all the way down to Cornwall. Their unique approach means they can provide regionalised resources to ensure customers are always assigned a fully qualified and competent local engineer, all while
keeping their carbon footprint low.

The Challenge

Before adopting Motion Kinetic, ESiNet relied on a basic solution that demanded extensive manual labour. This meant creating many spreadsheets and manual PDF reports, a time-consuming and admin heavy process that also required manual distribution to customers.

When ESiNet first approached Motion Software looking for a solution, they had a well-defined list of requirements both for the benefit of their customers and members.

First and foremost, ESiNet required a unique solution which enabled them to provide an umbrella of reports and systems which could be filtered into divisions. This was a crucial factor to enable ESiNet to provide their network members of individual businesses a robust and consistent reporting system. They also expressed the importance of having a solution which would enable their engineers to attach photos to reports – a key feature provided as standard with Motion Kinetic.

For their customers, they required a high-quality and consistent reporting system, the ability to provide same-day reports to customers, a dedicated customer portal, and seamless client data transfer between engineers and network members.

To further support their ever growing network of engineers, ESiNet needed a solution which offered the ability to transfer work to other members within the network. This ensures a consistent level of coverage for their customers when engineer sickness or holidays arise.

As ESiNet is known for its customer-centric approach, this extremely high level of service wouldn’t have been possible without a reporting system which meets their stringent requirements.

With ESiNet’s wealth of industry knowledge and Motion’s reporting software expertise, Motion Kinetic was adapted and developed to meet each of ESiNet’s requirements, making it their ideal choice.

The Motion Kinetic Solution

Motion Kinetic has played a pivotal role in streamlining ESiNet’s operations, providing consistency and enhancing their ability to serve customers nationwide.

The key benefits Motion Kinetic bring to ESiNet:

Motion Kinetic provides ESiNet with a reliable and consistent reporting system, ensuring that every customer receives the same high-quality reports.

With Motion Kinetic, ESiNet can provide same-day reports to customers, streamlining their operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The dedicated customer portal offered by Kinetic allows ESiNet’s clients to access their reports and relevant information quickly and easily.

ESiNet take full advantage of Kinetic’s ability to add individual company logos to reports, reinforcing their brand identity.

Motion Kinetic’s mobile app, which offers an offline mode, proves to be invaluable for ESiNet’s engineers. It enables them to inspect remote or out-of-range areas efficiently, contributing to the overall quality of their service.


ESiNet’s journey as a Motion Kinetic customer has helped to transform their asset inspection and reporting processes. With the right tools at their disposal, ESiNet can continue to offer its unique, customer-focused and environmentally conscious services. As a result, ESiNet remains a prominent player in the industry, known for its innovative and personalised approach to asset inspections.

After building a fantastic professional relationship, EsiNet and Motion Software continue to work together to develop the software to ensure it remains innovative and unrivalled.

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