Motion Software Commits to Green Future with Tree Planting Initiative

Forest trees

In a prominent move towards increased environmental responsibility, leading global inspection software provider Motion Software has announced a new green initiative.

Starting in 2024, Motion Software have pledged to plant one tree for every 5,000 reports generated using its innovative inspection software, Motion Kinetic.

This pledge is a testament to Motion’s commitment to social and environmental awareness, holding itself to the highest standards in the industry. The environmental impact of Motion Software extends beyond the act of tree planting. By digitising and streamlining equipment inspection processes, Motion Kinetic significantly reduces carbon output through reductions in paper and printing.

Motion’s new tree-planting initiative provides a bonus for environmental stewardship. Not only does the company actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of its customers, but it also gives back to the environment by planting trees—a vital component in the fight against climate change. Customers of Motion Software can take pride in knowing that their reports contribute not only to improved efficiency but also to a greener planet. With every 5,000 reports generated, a new tree takes root, symbolising a collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

As part of this pledge, Motion will be working with Treeapp to plant trees across the world. Treeapp is a global tree planting organisation operating sites across the world, supporting businesses to make a difference through tree planting and carbon offsetting solutions.

Lynne Reeves, Managing Director of Motion Software, said “We are immensely proud to be able to launch our new green initiative. In 2023, our customers used Kinetic to generate just under 6 million reports. If we have another year like that, we will be able to plant over 1200 trees this year alone. This initiative reflects our belief that business success should harmonise with environmental responsibility. Together with our customer, we aim to create a future where efficiency and eco-friendliness coexist seamlessly, leaving a legacy of positive impact for generations to come.”

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, Motion’s commitment to planting trees for each report generated stands as a shining example of corporate responsibility. In a world where actions speak louder than words, Motion isn’t just talking the talk—it’s planting the trees.


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