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Productivity in Motion thanks to Customer Engagement

The demand for software that creates efficiencies in statutory inspection, compliance, maintenance and repair requirements across multiple sectors and international locations is growing. And Motion Software is at the very centre of this growing market.

Productivity in Motion thanks to Customer Engagement
Craig Mitchell Support Services Manager and Stephanie Calder Account Manager

With a SaaS product such as Kinetic, comes a responsibility to support the customer experience, and at Motion, we’ve recognised this truth. That’s why there’s been a 40% rise in investment for in-house training and customer support in the past two years. The results: a 95%+ retention rate.

We now have North American and European blue-chip companies as customers. This didn’t happen overnight: the third generation of Kinetic was developed so it could be configured to support inspection requirements in other sectors, beyond our conventional oil and gas market.

Stephanie Calder, Motion's Account Manager: "It’s not overstating things to say that the growth of our Kinetic product in the past two years has been remarkable. A 42% rise in new clients in the past 18 months speaks for itself."

More than that, the software was developed to deliver across other cyclical requirements, such as facilities management, as the transformation from legacy or paper-based systems to true digitalisation continues unabated.

At Motion, we ensure that each client is getting the most from Kinetic. The fundamentals of our engagement strategy fall into four main areas:

Responsibility: The Motion Software account management team has a primary contact for each customer. We take ownership after the software has been fully implemented and provide a clear line of communication for the client.

Procedures: We ensure that customers understand Motion Software’s proven capabilities for dealing with change requests, and outline a timescale for changes to be implemented.

Support: Our proactive system means customers are contacted regularly to ensure they are getting maximum value from their Kinetic licences. Our aim is to engage with them before a problem occurs, creating a constant feedback loop.

Delivery: We have both the systems and depth of resources to deliver as our customers demand more from Kinetic to improve workflows.

Our processes include regular meetings with the technical and support teams to identify any potential issues. We are there for the customer when required – not when it’s suitable for us.

Communicating with the customer presents an opportunity to solve any issues or identify any additional Kinetic solutions required by clients. One client, for example, initially used our product solely for statutory inspection in the offshore oil and gas industry. Thanks to our proactive customer experience protocols, Kinetic is now used in other parts of the business, such as facilities management, as well as extending the scope of customer-based inspections.

The customer is paying for the software licences and, for a modest additional outlay, Kinetic is working harder and smarter on its behalf – as well as reducing its network of disparate software systems. This business has increased its number of users from 25 to over 330 in 20 locations worldwide.

This was achieved not only because of the qualities of Kinetic but also because business managers trusted Motion Software to deliver, thanks to our technical support and account management skills. They knew we had the in-house resources to realise their escalated requirements.

Our product is in part characterised by its agility – which means our customer support structure must be similarly nimble. This is prevalent in the area of customer experience: we are there to ensure the smooth flow of operations, from the moment the product has been acquired to exploring the potential to roll out its benefits to other parts of the business.

We ensure that customers are making the most of the software; that they’re aware of its functionality and full capability, focusing o understanding the customer; their needs and the issues facing them at their end. We are currently implementing a new large or SME client every two weeks. That would simply not be possible without a first-rate customer engagement process; one that’s proactive and focused on delivering results.

Customers know their business best, and the software can be configured to their needs. We learn with every project and make Kinetic better each time by listening to customers and seeking their feedback. Our learning is cyclical.

Through engagement with customers, we know that Kinetic delivers time and costs benefits and enhances the flow of operations within a business, making a genuine difference to our customers.