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  • Optimise your statutory inspection process by focusing on these three key areas

Optimise your statutory inspection process by focusing on these three key areas

Planning | Monitoring | Reporting and certification

Optimise your statutory inspection process by focusing on these three key areas

We all know how important it is to maintain and inspect equipment properly, but the process can be complicated and time consuming without the right tools. We're looking at the three key areas businesses typically overlook during inspection management, and how a simple end-to-end management solution can help you optimise your processes for business success.


The plan for any lifting operation must address the foreseeable risks involved in the work and identify the appropriate resources necessary for the safe completion of the job. For the lifting sector, there is a wide variety of factors to consider from machinery to people, environment, and location.

An online tool with planning functionality makes booking jobs for your administration team easy. It is a simple, visual way of matching up skilled engineers to an open job, and a useful people management tool at the same time.

Multi-disciplinary tool

Our Kinetic software is a cloud-based tool that allows the easy management of planning, monitoring, and certification of statutory inspections. Kinetic facilitates the effortless transfer of data throughout your workflow, displaying the right information to the right people at the right time - a complete end-to-end management tool following your progress from:

  • Data creation and planning
  • Workflow and job creation
  • Reporting and certification

Kinetic is a multidisciplinary tool that offers the ultimate flexibility to companies within the lifting sector. A cross-sector platform is vital for companies rooted in Renewables, Oil and Gas, Plant Hire, Insurance Engineering Services, Vendor/3rd Party inspection, Facilities Management, and QHSE disciplines to control the safe and efficient flow of data.

Monitoring thorough examinations and inspections

LOLER inspections | PSSR regulations | All statutory inspections

For companies with a vast amount of machinery, it can be difficult to manage inspection dates and knowing when renewal inspections need to be completed. A management platform makes tasks like statutory inspections, field service maintenance and repairs, equipment compliance, pre-used inspection, and planned maintenance swifter, smoother, and more convenient than ever.

Our Kinetic software schedules email notifications to clients, sending them a list of machinery that will soon need to be updated, giving them time to book in inspections, and make sure they are not suffering from any downtime. Notifications include:

  • Internal and external reminders and notifications
  • Email alerts of job lists for engineers to complete for the next day
  • Recurring emails for clients
  • Renewal dates

App for Engineers

A cloud-based system is vital for engineers. It ensures that they have everything they need to complete the job as quickly as possible. Access to an app or tablet means that an engineer has a host of information at their fingertips, from; lists of equipment that needs checking, detailed description of the job/ inspection, site-specific instructions (such as access codes), and on-site locations for machinery (including photos).

Furthermore, being able to collect data offline is vital for engineers. As site inspections in the lifting industry are often carried out in remote locations, it means that transferring data can be time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. An app that can collect data offline means that engineers can input data back into the system, as they complete the job.

Reporting and certification

Kinetics’ customer portal is a branded app that allows your clients to see historical, real-time, and future details of inspections and reports. This ensures that your clients have access to their data 24/7 and view important information to act quickly, as necessary.

A host of historical data and reports is available to your client, making it easy for them to spot trends and view detailed reports from previous inspections.

About Kinetic

Kinetic is our cloud-based, smart, and user-friendly software that simplifies compliance. It ensures a clear and efficient cyclical flow of data through each step of the process, not just internally but externally as well to make sure all relevant data is available to the relevant stakeholders. To date, it’s managed more than 25 million reports, with over 120 customers using it day-to-day. Book your free demonstration to see how it can help optimise your business.