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Manor Renewable Energy Streamline Inspection Process with Kinetic Software

As a supplier of temporary power and engineering solutions for the offshore wind energy industry, Manor Renewable Energy had spent years logging large amounts of information on inspections and renewals on various excel spreadsheets, taking up vital staff time and reducing access for many team members.

Manor Renewable Energy Streamline Inspection Process with Kinetic Software

Realising an easier way to record vital information and provide their trusted service, Manor Renewable Energy implemented Motion’s Kinetic software. Kinetic enabled the company to keep track of inspection dates, increase reporting accuracy, run their process from one central location and ensure all information is accessible, saving time and money.

About Manor Renewable Energy

Manor Renewable Energy supply and specialise in temporary power and engineering solutions for the offshore wind energy industry, including personnel supply, generator supply, vessel provision and more. MRE is the parent company of Manor Marine UK Limited, specialising in shipbuilding, marine and general engineering. With this vast range of services, MRE required software that provides the flexibility to monitor and keep track of various information across multi-disciplines in one central location.

Looking for a solution

Before MRE switched to Kinetic to manage inspections, repairs, and renewals, they spent years logging onto different excel spreadsheets and setting within an Outlook calendar to notify them when the equipment needed renewing.

However, as the amount of equipment rapidly grew, this became too difficult to maintain because access to the spreadsheet was limited to only a few admin staff, meaning only the person with access to the sheet could update all the information.

Due to the nature of MRE’s work, their equipment often moves around between projects that require a high level of communication regarding the inspection dates, causing delays for many staff members. Therefore, MRE knew it was time to find a simple solution that would benefit the entire team; this is where our Kinetic software came in.

“We chose Kinetic over other software options as Kinetic enabled us to adapt the system for it to meet our requirements and company needs. The functionality has enabled us to take all the methods we were using before and have them run from one software rather than having to invest in several different systems.” – Sarah Taylor, Manor Renewable Energy.

Implementing Kinetic software

After deciding to switch to asset management software, the team at MRE looked at a few other companies and ultimately chose Motion.

“The process of setting up our system with Motion was smooth and easy, due to the high level of support from staff at Motion at each step of the process.” – Sarah Taylor, Manor Renewable Energy.

The main reasons MRE chose Motion include:

Pricing- the costing structure involves a one-off implementation cost, and the ongoing annual price is not excessive. Compared to a few other companies with high implementation costs, annual fees, and additional add-ons, MRE found that Motion’s price offered the best value for a lower cost.

User-friendly- the customer portal was user-friendly and allowed MRE to remotely train the project personnel via phone calls and video chats.

Customer App- Motion’s app allowed their technicians to complete reports digitally, helping MRE go paperless with their reporting systems.

Personalisation- Motion’s branding across the system, including bespoke URLs and images applied to the reports and customer portal, offered MRE that extra level of personalisation to suit the individual company and user group.

Accessibility- the system is accessible through a web browser with a supporting app for technicians, which means that they do not have to go through lengthy processes of getting big files of software installed onto the various computers that login to the system.

Involvement- throughout the entire setup and implementation process, the team at MRE were heavily involved, enabling them to understand better how the system works and how to administrate the software in the future.

The team at MRE found the most vital function of Kinetic is the ability to easily access all details about the equipment, including seeing previous reports and sites. The more they continue their use of Kinetic, the more history they will be able to build on the equipment.

“The responses received from the team at Motion were always prompt and informative, so we were able to keep the progression of the setup moving in a timely and effective manner.” – Sarah Taylor, Manor Renewable Energy.

The results

Since implementing Kinetic, the MRE team have noticed an improvement in their statistics of lifting equipment inspections. Before using Kinetic, their statistics were lower due to processing delays. Records were often not updated in time for checking the statistics, making it hard to keep track of inspection dates.

However, after switching to Kinetic asset management software, processing delays have been reduced since personnel are no longer required to update the system. Everything is instantly available after being uploaded with all the information in one place, allowing MRE to go entirely paperless with their reporting.

Various members of the MRE team now use Kinetic, including the admin team, operations managers, engineers and technicians, for multiple purposes. These purposes include approving engineer reports (admin), using the app to complete reports for inspections (engineers and technicians), and creating inspection jobs (operations managers) amongst many other functionalities.

MRE now use Kinetic across the business in several ways:

• Keeping track of inspection due dates for different types of equipment, including lifting inspections, calibration dates of electrical equipment and even vehicle MOT and Tax, which helps the company follow legal regulations for other projects in various offshore and onshore locations

• Keeping track of vessel certification and licenses that require renewing, as well as ensuring all lifesaving equipment is inspected regularly in line with regulations

• To monitor current and historical servicing records of their temporary power equipment, ensuring systems are functioning efficiently in line with customer requirements

• To monitor and track the location of their equipment and assess the availability of their assets when arranging new jobs

“Manor Renewable Energy would recommend Motion Software to other companies that are looking for an asset management system.” – Leif Cooper, Operations Director MRE / Manor Marine.

A year after implementing Motion’s Kinetic software, the team at Manor Renewable Energy have all experienced the benefits of using asset management software across their areas. From offering an entirely paperless reporting and inspection service to running several systems from one central location, daily operations are now straightforward for all involved.