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How Technology Is Advancing the Lifting Industry

The lifting sector is constantly advancing, lifting more, lifting further with increasing risk. We need to look at the most outstanding achievements of the modern world, such as the Millau Viaduct, National Stadium ‘Bird’s Nest’, the large Hadron Collider or the Burj Khalifa, to see the changes in our aspirations as the lifting sector continues to advance.

How Technology Is Advancing the Lifting Industry
“We’re still fighting gravity; we’re just better at it.”
- Ross Moloney, CEO of LEEA

Technological innovation is raising standards

Our society relies more on technology in all aspects of our lives, and the lifting sector is no different. From increased safety and compliance to data analysis and even scheduling jobs, let us look at some of the ways that technology is advancing the industry.

Reinventing safety and compliance

As lifting increasingly becomes more complicated, technology is a great tool to confirm safety levels and help reduce risk. For businesses, showing that engineers are qualified for the job and know that the machinery is fully fit for purpose. With the right platform, companies can do this with a button click.

Furthermore, data collection helps bring insights to the broader user base facilitating the sharing of best practise and standards across the multitude of sectors within the lifting industry.

Increased productivity and output

Lifting equipment failure leads to downtime that can incur high costs. No operation wants downtime, but machinery can inevitably go wrong.

Innovation is a powerful tool for minimising downtime. Intelligent, flexible technology adds value for companies offering services in the lifting equipment industry, allowing them to keep pace with demand. Monitoring the status and reporting any faults in real-time helps to ensure your business is safely performing at maximum output.

Better, faster decisions

The lifting sector spans many industries and roles, and it's the technology that helps keep everyone connected. With workers, engineers, and equipment distributed around a job site, plus offsite stakeholders, including project managers and the customer, it can be hard to get everyone on the same page when they need to make a decision.

A fully SaaS cloud-based solution ensures that the right people see the correct information at the right time, meaning that crucial information is available to assist in mission-critical decisions. A SaaS solution also provides the flexibility to grow with your strategic business plans as you expand or even explore new industries.

technology helps decision making in the lifting lifting sector

The new generation of lifting

“LEEA’s CEO advocates the use of technology in introducing the next generation to the lifting industry” – Ross Moloney, speaking with lift and hoist magazine.

For the lifting sector, technology will bring new skills and solutions. The next generation will come from people interested in IT and technology, coding, and developing solutions that fit tomorrow’s demand.

Encouraging these new skills and outlook within the industry means that the sector will only continue to advance in the same way that we have seen, from the pyramids to the Burj khalifa. Whilst we are excited to be part of what technology will come up with next, the one thing that we know for sure is that the lifting sector is not the same as it was 50 years ago, and it is not how it will be in another 50 years.