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Caswells Group Expand Hose and Hydraulic Fittings Service with Kinetic Software

Caswells Group Expand Hose and Hydraulic Fittings Service with Kinetic Software

Caswells Group is one of the leading suppliers of PPE & tooling. With over 45 years’ experience serving UK industries, Caswells Group specialises in a wide range of services including signage, vehicle wrapping, sign fitting, bespoke PPE, onsite installations, trade shops and more.

In 2019, Caswells Group expanded its product offering by setting-up their hose management and coupling warehouse. Mark Malone, pneumatic and fluid sales technical engineer at Caswells Group describes how asset management platform, Kinetic, forms a vital part of their hose and fittings service.

The complete package

It was decided in early discussions with Peter Caswell, Managing Director of Caswells Group, that their hose and hydraulic fittings service offer their clients the complete package. To facilitate this one-stop-shop service, a fully auditable trail with simple and fast hose traceability was imperative to their offering.

Kinetic as a service

Opting for Kinetic software, Caswells Group offers full traceability and provides ownership over hose management direct to their clients. With Kinetic, a cloud-based inspection and compliance platform, clients of Caswells Group have unlimited access to view vital data that includes hose status, inspection details and on-site descriptions.

“I set-up our client’s assets within the system, it’s great as you only have to input the data once which saves countless hours manually inputting identical data in separate spreadsheets.”
- Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

Mark sets up his client’s Kinetic portal by logging their hose numbers within the system, then relies on Kinetic to do the rest.

“Kinetic flags up the relevant assets for testing, sending a reminder to myself and the client. It’s perfect as I can help keep clients informed, but the system also gives our clients control to keep track of their assets themselves.

We’ve found that our customers really value the system and find it extremely easy to use. They love the fact that the system flags up when hoses are due for testing.”
- Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

Safety first

Caswells Group places health and safety at the forefront of their business and is registered with the BSIF – British Safety Industry Federation. As such, they were looking for a solution that would assist them in carrying across their dedication to health and safety onto their clients.

“With a large emphasis on health and safety, I think similar businesses should be using kinetic.” - Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

The Kinetic system is adding value to Caswells Group through customer satisfaction and improved compliance monitoring, which is also helping them to win business.

“One of our customers explained that they had issues with their previous supplier. From wrong connections, hoses blowing out and missed inspections, it was a mess!

As an existing customer of Caswells Group through the PPE side of our business, we showed them our hose and fittings service with Kinetic software. They were that impressed with our offering that we won the contract; Kinetic was a key factor in that sale.” - Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

Feedback from clients

Caswells Group has found that, for their clients, the main benefits of Kinetic include:

- Easy navigation – important data is easy to find and reports are listed in alphabetical order.

- Complete asset management tool - valuable data is in one place to aid clients with decision making.

- Automation – vital notification and job scheduling are automated to ensure the right information is seen by the right person at the right time.

- Flexibility - Allows clients to perform their inspections and to make informed decisions based on valuable insights from Kinetic.

“Our clients love kinetic. They receive notifications when their hoses and couplings are due for inspections and have great traceability with a full paperless audit trail. They find the system easy to use and reports easy to find with reports listed in alphabetical order.

Most of all, the system provides a fantastic source of management to log all of their equipment and keep track of inspections from the one system.” - Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

Expanding with Kinetic

Caswells Group is using Kinetic as a service add-on to their hose offering but is looking to expand its services to hose inspections.

“We currently use Kinetic to log hoses and assets, issue jobs and reports, and provide asset management for our clients, but we are looking to expand going forward. The next stage for us is to extend our current offering to conduct our own on-site inspections, and Kinetic gives us the flexibility to do so.” - Mark Malone, Caswells Group.

With the Kinetic app, engineers can conduct on-site inspections with ease by receiving valuable site-specific information ahead of time, with the ability to collect data in offline mode for more remote locations. Reports will be visible to the client through their online portal once the job is complete. The ultimate data flow tool, Kinetic is flexible to work with your business and achieve your business goals.

Outstanding service from Motion Software

Mark praises Motion software for their “superb” service and dedication to customer support through the helpdesk team and informative user training. In closing, Mark had this to say, “I use Kinetic every day, and it’s a breeze. It logs everything, it tracks everything, and I would highly recommend Kinetic to other companies.”