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Sophistication Through Simplicity - Cross-Sector Inspection Software

‘The greatest ideas are the simplest. Now there was something to be done they worked with passion.’ - William Golding.

Sophistication Through Simplicity - Cross-Sector Inspection Software

Motion Software makes inspection software.

But behind these five words lies the power of Kinetic — a simple, elegant solution that’s transcended its original application.

And taking five minutes to reflect on its journey from single to cross-sector capability got us thinking about what makes good ideas great and the ways innovation has fuelled our growth as a firm.


Necessity is the mother of invention, so the initial creative kernels for Kinetic grew from a need to address LOLER compliance pain points for customers in the oil and gas sector inspecting loose lifting equipment/tackle and crane-related items.

These pain points included inflexible contemporary systems and Excel, the need to have the mobile offline working capacity, the change in customer requirement for self-service in report retrieval, ensuring competent people are selected, and the ability to manage and create report templates in a user-friendly manner.

Once Kinetic plugged these gaps, it made tasks like statutory inspections, field service maintenance and repairs, equipment compliance, pre-used inspection and planned maintenance swifter, smoother and more convenient than ever. To date, Kinetic has managed more than 25 million reports, with over 120 customers using it day-to-day.

And by ensuring the user experience was intuitive, accessible (Android, iOS and laptop optimised) and easily customised, we’d created a product that combines the benefits of an off the shelf solution with bespoke functionality.

That’s where Kinetic stood three years ago. But great ideas are gifts that keep giving, and we couldn’t have predicted the exciting ways it would evolve.


Context conversion is adapting existing ideas from one context to another. A prime example is Henry Ford supercharging his car production line by adopting continuous flow techniques from flour mills, breweries and meat-packing plants.

We’re fortunate that thanks to adaptability, agility and insight, we’ve been able to apply this approach to Kinetic.

Stripped back to its simplest terms, the Kinetic digitalises a paper process. So once the concepts of digital transformation and the paperless office gained traction, we realised that Kinetic’s configurable capabilities meant it could transfer and translate fluently to countless new industries.

Kinetic is now an agile, 3rd generation cross-sector product which is used in Renewables, Oil and Gas, Plant Hire, Insurance Engineering Services, Vendor/3rd Party inspection, Facilities Management and QHSE across a wide range of disciplines (including Lifting, but so much more).


We’ve embraced organic, rather than premeditated growth, and this has fostered natural, lasting relationships with a diverse client community and dedicated team, where learning from each other helps us innovate in exciting and unexpected ways.

Our average customer relationship is now over 5 years long and our average staff member has been with us for over 4 years (and this includes a 40% growth in numbers over the last 2 years). All the while, we’ve expanded in alignment with our core values of working together, making a difference, recognising success and future development.

Our ultimate mission remains the same; supplying smart, user-friendly software that simplifies compliance. But through embracing new markets and challenges, our evolution supports Sun Tzu’s maxim that ‘opportunities multiply as they are seized’.

If our story so far is a blueprint for the bigger picture, we’re determined to enjoy the ride, open our minds and embrace the possibilities.

If you’d like Motion Software to work with your business in innovative ways, contact us for a chat — we’d love to hear from you.