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New Technology is Giving Inspection Companies the Edge

It seems there’s not a day that goes by without the launch of a new app or device. Our love of all things tech is opening up new opportunities, as well as presenting some interesting challenges, to the inspection and compliance sector.

New Technology is Giving Inspection Companies the Edge

The growing use of technology across all parts of our daily lives is shaping customer expectations. Increasingly, there’s a perception of it being linked to improved service.

For inspection teams that still rely on a paper-based approach, there’s a risk of being behind as their competitors move to fully digital solutions - giving customers the reassurance and level of service they demand.

It’s not just about customer perception though. Companies that make the break from the pen and paper are seeing big benefits to their ways of working too. Processes have become more efficient and the quality of data has improved.

Keeping up with the times

In the days of same-day delivery and instant messaging, customers are becoming less willing to wait weeks to find out if they comply with legislation and other regulations.

Streamlining the flow of information helps to significantly reduce the time required to prepare reports, helping meet customer expectations of a quick turnaround without quality being compromised.

Building loyalty

What’s more, cloud-based inspection solutions allow customers to keep track of their inspection history and follow the progress of live inspections, just as they would a delivery from a high-street store. Helping to build trust and transparent working practices.

Free up time to build your business

Managing a complex paper trail is time-consuming. Moving to a software-led alternative frees up time allowing you to concentrate on strengthening relationships with existing customers and meeting new ones.

Improving quality

Human error is still the biggest threat to the quality of any inspection, whether that's with forms that don’t quite fit the inspection or mistakes made during data input. The latest technology is helping eliminate those by giving inspection teams the ability to tailor their own forms and share data from the site, back to the office in real-time. Automatic alerts remove the need to try to keep on top of when thousands of pieces of equipment are due to for inspection, giving you and the customer peace of mind.

Continuously improving

A company that’s open to using technology to help it stay ahead of the game is likely to be one that has a culture of continuous improvement. Using an integrated software solution to support key areas of your business can help unlock your growth potential.

While the thought of transferring all your existing documents to a cloud-based solution may seem like a daunting task, there is plenty of support available to make it happen without a hitch.

Just think of where you could take your business once you’ve made the move! Contact us for more information.