A day in the life of our Project Manager

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A day in the life of our Project Manager

My morning

I usually arrive at our Bridge of Don office around 7 am then, after a quick visit to the kettle, I’ll read emails and respond to any urgent items of business before it’s time to check in with the rest of the team. I hold regular meetings with the projects team, which consists of eight non-technical staff who I am responsible for. This includes support staff, analysts and testers – each with a different set of skills and experience. We take a fairly collaborative approach to work where each member of the team can bounce ideas around the room when trying to overcome a challenge relating to a client’s equipment, for instance.

I joined Motion Software almost five years ago, initially as a business development manager, before taking on my current role which is orientated more towards business processes and reviewing documentation produced in-house. Working alongside the project controller, I’ll oversee the delivery of all client projects from asset integrity to inspection services. This work is dependent on two key software products: our equipment sales and rental management solution Motion Aspire and Motion Inspect, an inspection and integrity software package.

My role involves responsibility for the delivery of both products to clients in the oil and gas and subsea sectors as well as lifting inspection companies. It’s vital to have a strong grasp of how the products work in the field. I have been involved with Aspire and Kinetic at various stages of their development – from conception to delivery.

More recently, we are experiencing significant growth in the hardware side of the business. The company is increasingly being approached by clients eager to utilise tablet computers in the offshore environment where before, time-consuming paper methods would have been used.

My lunch

Since last summer, I have made a conscious effort to go to the gym more regularly. I find that exercising during the lunch break can be a great way of recharging the mind before the afternoon.

My afternoon

Although I’m primarily based here in Aberdeen, the nature of the job does require me to travel from time to time. My role involves visiting client operations and installations which has taken me as far afield as Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Norway and South Africa. I often find that in order to gather the level of technical detail we need, it helps to do business face-to-face where possible – especially as it can help shed light on the type of equipment being used, the layout of the premises and how departments communicate with one another. All of these can impact the solution that is to be delivered.

I’m involved in the development of the products for clients on an ongoing basis as they evolve to meet new challenges across the industry. I’m passionate about delivering solutions that really work and which add value to clients’ projects. For instance, we might receive a request to implement changes to the base product – for instance, create a bespoke module or find a different way of functionality to adapt to a harsh working environment.

My evening

After I work, I’ll drive home to Kintore where I live with my wife Sally and two boys, Finlay, 11, and Owen, 8. During the week, I rarely have too much free time but I do like to cycle to keep fit. My eldest son also plays for Kintore United (2003 age group) and I lend a hand with coaching.