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Inspection Technology: Compliance Software Maximising Your ROI

Inspection Technology: Compliance Software Maximising Your ROI

Almost all businesses today benefit from technology in different capacities. Software platforms encourage the synergy of enhanced efficiencies, improved workflow, and critical reporting to help companies to maximise their bottom line. To enhance the benefits and boost your return on investment, any software platform you choose must support the nuances of your industry, your business, and the way you work.

Your technology should adapt to work the way you do, driving performance in the inspection and compliance market. With flexibility in mind, here are just some ways our Kinetic customers benefit from our customisable software.

Bring everything under one roof

For many companies, the routine of gathering essential data across multiple channels can be time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated, which is where an integrated platform pays for itself. Firstly, hosting all data within one platform frees valuable staff resources to focus on critical tasks. Furthermore, all stakeholders can see key insights ensuring that vital information is accessible by the right person at the right time.

Any software platform must provide a complete end-to-end solution to amplify time and cost efficiencies.

“We chose Kinetic over other software options as Kinetic enabled us to adapt the system for it to meet our requirements and company needs. The functionality has enabled us to take all the methods we were using before and have them run from one software rather than having to invest in several different systems.” – Sarah Taylor, Manor Renewable Energy.

Provide data-driven insights

Your software platform should synchronise your data with vital insights. Avinash Kaushik from Google famously stated: “For every $10 spent on analytics data, you need to spend $90 on people to tell you what it means”. By wisely investing in a platform that focuses on creating actionable insights, you can generate considerable time and cost efficiencies for your business and your customers.

For inspection & compliance companies, our Kinetic platform works with your data to maximise the intelligence it brings. With a library of reporting templates, professionals can customise Kinetic reports to share vital data that provides critical information when needed most.

Support your unique workflow

Many software platforms streamline company operations, but it's not one size fits all. The software platform you invest in should specifically solve your industry complexities and focus on what is most important to your business.

The flexible approach to workflow is integral to the success of Kinetic. To provide a complete end-to-end solution, Kinetic actions all automated tasks from job scheduling, logging assets, information sharing, automatic approval process and scheduled certificate delivery to all stakeholders.

"Kinetic flags up the relevant assets for testing, sending a reminder to myself and the client. It's perfect as I can help keep clients informed, but the system also gives our clients the control to keep track of their assets. We've found that our customers value the system and find it extremely easy to use. They love the fact that the system flags up when hoses are due for testing."
- Mark Malone, Caswells Group

Also, simple features such as utilising drop-down menus reduce human error and streamline the reporting process across your business.

Enhance your brand

Frequently overlooked when considering investing in inspection & compliance software is the opportunity to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement. It's important to maximise on all customer touchpoints, creating a positive relationship with your brand that helps to affirm customer loyalty and attract new business.

Kinetic bolsters your company image through your branded client portal, reflects your unique values, and strengthens your market position.

"Motion’s branding across the system, including bespoke URLs and images applied to the reports and customer portal offered MRE that extra level of personalisation to suit the individual company and user group." Sarah Taylor, Manor Renewable Energy.


As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever-changing needs of your business and providing long-term solutions. Kinetic helps our customers grow their client base, expand their product offering and break into new markets.

“We currently use Kinetic to log hoses and assets, issue jobs and reports, and provide asset management for our clients, but we are looking to expand going forward. The next stage for us is to extend our current offering to conduct our on-site inspections, and Kinetic gives us the flexibility to do so.”
- Mark Malone, Caswells Group

Behind any software platform, you should look for a strong business partner. They should have measurable standing in your industry, experience in your marketplace and dedicated resource to continual product renewal so that you can keep growing your ROI year on year.

About Motion Software

At Motion Software, we invest in research and development to continually innovate our product offering with new functionality that benefits all users. Our customers benefit from our 10+ years of experience, key industry partnerships, excellent customer service, and software for Life policy.

“Each company we work with have their way of working. Our clients use Kinetic to assist each stage of their inspection and compliance process in increasing collaboration and efficiencies across their business.” – Genna Smith, Business Development Manager at Motion Software.

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