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Five Ways to Develop Your Business with Automated Software

Five Ways to Develop Your Business with Automated Software

Over the past year, businesses worldwide have adapted to various challenges. Professionals in all industries acclimatising to a new working style, whether making the switch to home-based work, moving to fully digital platforms, or even changing careers. But one key goal amongst businesses worldwide remains; the desire to grow their business and support and nurture customers.

If COVID has taught us anything, digital, automated work is crucial for any industry, especially those that require routine inspections and hold strict regulations. Our Kinetic software offers businesses in the lifting and renewable energy industries a streamlined, automated method of organising and managing assessments.

Providing this automated service allows companies to expand their offering to their customers, ultimately offering a unique way to grow and develop their business in various ways.

1. Expand your product-offering

At Motion, our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to automate and drive efficiencies throughout the entire inspection process. But this service doesn’t end with our customers. Many businesses in the lifting and renewable energy industry require this software for their customers and their own business.

When Caswells Group, one of the leading suppliers of PPE & tooling, implemented Motion’s Kinetic software, they also decided to offer their clients this service. By offering Kinetic as a service, Caswells Group set itself apart from their competition, providing their customers unlimited access to view vital data, including inspection details and on-site descriptions.

“One of our customers explained that they had issues with their previous supplier. It was a mess from faulty connections, hoses blowing out, and missed inspections!

As an existing customer of Caswells Group through the PPE side of our business, we showed them our hose and fittings service with Kinetic software. They were that impressed with our offering that we won the contract; Kinetic was a critical factor in that sale.”
- Mark Malone, Caswells Group.
Hose Management

2. Simplify the inspection process

Traditional inspection processes involve extensive admin work for busy employees, taking them away from other inspections and instead focusing their time on organising and managing the process.

Automating this process frees valuable employee time to carry out more inspections for more clients without having to spend time manually preparing for each review and communicating with various colleagues.

By efficiently capturing and sharing data, Kinetic shrinks the time from the inspection to report, removing the need for repetitive data inputting and complex paper trails, freeing up employee time and, therefore, allowing businesses to take on more clients.

3. One platform, multiple industries

Automated paperless software, such as Kinetic, is not restricted to one industry. With clients in the lifting, renewable energy, construction and transport industries, to name a few, Motion can offer a variety of businesses the opportunity to fully automate their inspection and asset management process, thereby allowing their customers to do the same.

For businesses looking to expand into new industries, using Kinetic to automate your workflow is a simple yet effective way of doing this. Since Kinetic takes care of all the hard work, businesses can expand into different markets and offer clients a simple way to carry out inspections without storing and recording various data for each industry.

“We currently use Kinetic to log hoses and assets, issue jobs and reports, and provide asset management for our clients, but we are looking to expand going forward. The next stage for us is to extend our current offering to conduct our on-site inspections, and Kinetic gives us the flexibility to do so.” - Mark Malone, Caswells Group.
Lifting Industry

4. Keep clients fully informed

With automated inspection software, businesses can control how they share relevant information with clients. With Kinetic, companies can choose which client has access to particular reports and upcoming inspections, fully informing customers of each step of the way.

As workload for many companies increases, knowing that clients have full access to all the information they need regarding the inspection process and asset management ensures they do not waste time requesting access to reports. As a result, this reduces the need for unnecessary emails and calls and allows businesses to grant their clients complete control over how they view this information.

5. Health and safety compliance

Companies in all industries globally must adhere to health and safety regulations, and implementing Kinetic software is a simple way to show your clients that you value these guidelines. Kinetic offers a straightforward way to improve compliance monitoring with automated software to increase customer satisfaction, leading to client retention and, therefore, increasing your chances of positive referrals.

Word of mouth is one of the most successful ways to acquire new business. Therefore offering your clients a simple but effective way to adhere to health and safety regulations can be one of the most valuable methods of gaining positive referrals.

To learn more about using Kinetic to grow your business, click here to book a demo with one of our experts.