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Encouraging sustainability in the renewable energy sector

The topic of waste within our sector is often overlooked, so, what can the renewable energy sector do to further cut down wastage and ensure sustainability for humankind?

Encouraging sustainability in the renewable energy sector
Measures to take to ensure sustainability

At its core, the renewable energy sector is about creating a sustainable future for our way of life and our planet. Running alternatives to wasteful and finite ways to produce energy, the topic of waste within our sector is often overlooked. So, what can the renewable energy sector do to further cut down wastage and ensure sustainability for humankind?

Prolonging machine life for maximum energy and minimum downtime

Now that more solar panels are reaching the end of their life cycle, scientists and engineers are questioning how to best dispose of these materials. Motion helps businesses generate maximum energy through the increase performance of maintenance and repairs, whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

Cost to customers: Does green energy cost more?

It’s fair to say that in its infancy, green energy did cost more. Today, however, that has changed significantly in the UK. In 2018, UK-based comparison and switching services provider uSwitch declared that deciding to move to green was “no longer an expensive luxury for those who can afford to pay for their principles.”

It said that thanks to the increasingly plentiful supply of green energy and growing competition among providers, the cost of green had fallen dramatically. At the time, it found five of the 10 cheapest tariffs were what it described as 'eco-friendly'. It further added that years of investment in renewable energy had started to filter through.

Better control over processes

Once businesses have set clear and achievable sustainability goals, we look at how SaaS (Software as a Service) products can help companies track their progress and reach these goals.

  • Increase access - Transparency of reports to those in your business, your clients and those who carry out the inspection process, whilst maintaining project management from a distance. With work carried out remotely, costs such as engineering and maintenance are completely eradicated.
  • Collaborative approach- With the help of Motion’s software, governments, grid operators, utilities, and other stakeholders can strive to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
    To help achieve this goal, our software is designed to collect inspection data in offline mode for flexible working in remote areas, allowing clients to build their reports in real-time and effortlessly share reports at the click of a button to provide your customers with instant access to reports and certifications through a branded customer app.
  • Adopt strong labour policies in line with the ILO Core Conventions- Addressing work-related safety risks, preventing child and forced labour, and respecting workers’ rights to bargain collectively and associate freely.
  • Upgrade communications- in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, including conducting consultative human rights and environmental impact assessments and mitigating any negative impacts and externalities throughout the project life.

Often located in exposed and sometimes remote sites, wind turbines can be more susceptible to degradation and maintenance can be difficult. We help our clients to reduce risks, reassure stakeholders and meet compliance regulations.

Prepare your infrastructure

  • Help your customers become paperless- when carrying out pre-use inspections, whether on a daily, weekly or periodic basis, the process of inspections is typically recorded on paper which is stored away and soon forgotten about. To help your customers become paperless, we’ve developed a ‘Customer app’ which allows users to build their checklist and automatically save the data from the inspection back to their Kinetic which can be accessed at any time through the portal.
  • Access and identification- with Kinetic’s management dashboard and reporting, customers can create and publish custom reports for internal and external, client-facing use. With a straightforward reporting process, users can access and share information any time with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing the need to visit customers to share reports.

Implementing sustainability practises is becoming crucial for many businesses, especially within the renewable energy sector which fundamentally focuses on eco-friendly energy methods. By making some simple changes with the help of Motion’s Kinetic software, including moving to paperless, increasing control over processes and prolonging the machine life, companies can achieve their sustainability goals and contribute toward making the world a better place to live.