Real-time Roadmap Enables Customers To Have Their Say

Launch of new all-in-one roadmap tool enables Kinetic customers to have their say on future developments.

Motion Software are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new all-in-one roadmap. This new tool offers all Kinetic customers the chance to have their say on future software enhancements and developments.

Users are able to access the tool by visiting the roadmap website and logging in with their email address. They will then have the ability to view a real-time roadmap of future software developments, add their own development suggestions and vote for what developments are most needed or important to them.

The new tool has been introduced based on user feedback and aims to provide all Kinetic customers with the insight into the future direction of the software.

Speaking about the roadmap tool, Motion’s Managing Director, Lynne Reeves, said “I’m delighted with the launch of our interactive roadmap. So many software vendors develop what they think their customers need, something which we too may have been guilty of in the past. With this new tool, we can really engage with our customers and understand what is needed and important to them.

Furthermore, we can share our own ideas around features we are considering adding and garner feedback quickly and effectively – allowing us to focus on what matters most to our customers.” 

The roadmap can be viewed at Kinetic Inspect (


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