Lynne Reeves appointed Customer Success Manager at Motion Software

Motion Software are delighted to welcome Lynne Reeves as Customer Success Manager as part of an ongoing investment in customer support.

Lynne will be responsible for enhancing our customer service and building a proactive experience for customers and Kinetic users.

Lynne fills a vital customer-orientated role within the Motion team and is focused on making improvements to support the business and our customers. When discussing what she is most looking forward to in her new position at Motion Software, Lynne said: “Something new & something old! Having worked for 18 years in the Health & Fitness sector, moving to Motion Software and learning a new industry with new customers and colleagues gets me up in the morning!”

An emphasis on customer success

With thousands of customers worldwide utilising our inspection and compliance software, Lynne joins our ever-growing team of dedicated support professionals.

When asked what challenges she was most looking forward to overcome, Lynne said: “The biggest challenge will be getting to know the team and our customers. I knew every customer by face & name in my previous position, and often the names of their children or favourite holiday locations, so I’m looking forward to getting out and about, meeting people and helping them to understand how our software can support their business operations fully.”

Connect with Lynne on LinkedIn.


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