Motion Launches New Cloud Infrastructure

Motion Software are pleased to announce the launch of a new cloud infrastructure designed to improve the security, performance and scalability of Kinetic.

As the number of Kinetic customers has grown, it highlighted the need for us to introduce a new and modern cloud infrastructure.

Our new infrastructure enables us to quickly and easily deploy and scale, as well as significantly improving the security of our instances. It also enables us to offer additional services to customers, such as High Availability.

Summary of Changes to Kinetic System Infrastructure

Enhanced Privacy and Communication

All cloud components which make up Kinetic are now private, bolstering data privacy. Communication between these components now takes place within a private network, further ensuring data security.

Environment Segregation

Environments have been meticulously separated, with no network connectivity established between non-production and production environments. This isolation minimises risks and enhances overall system integrity.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A Web Application Firewall has been implemented, channelling all internet traffic to Kinetic through a secure gateway. This proactive measure helps safeguard against potential threats and unauthorised access.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Kinetic components, including the main web app, customer portal and sync service, now possess dedicated resources that can dynamically scale based on demand. This elasticity ensures optimal performance during varying workloads.

High Availability

Active/passive high availability is now available, with a secondary instance residing in the Azure region paired with the primary instance, enhancing system reliability.

“Always On” Accessibility

Kinetic has been transformed into an “Always On” system, resulting in significantly reduced access times following periods of inactivity. This improvement greatly enhances user experience and productivity.

Password-less Infrastructure

Security has been elevated through the implementation of a “password-less” infrastructure. Managed Identities are employed for all security provisioning, eliminating the storage of passwords that could potentially compromise data access.

Secure Access via VPN

Motion’s staff access to Kinetic is now routed through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connected to Azure. This approach ensures a secure and controlled channel for authorised personnel to interact with the system.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new High Availability offering, please contact Ed at


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