Lifting Inspection Software (Loler & Ga1)

Our Lifting Inspection software (Loler/GA1 to name only 2) is used by companies across various sectors undertaking large site inspections or one-off inspection work to produce statutory certificates. With the ability to plan and manage all aspects of the LOLER inspection, Motion Kinetic Lifting inspection software is now used by over 15,000 users around the world.

The importance of making sure your organisation's lifting equipment meets the requirements of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) cannot be understated.

Failure to provide safe lifting operations can result in injury or even death, which is why health and safety law places a number of responsibilities on those who provide, control and use lifting equipment to ensure risks are properly managed.

Recording Examinations and Reporting

As outlined by the Health and Safety Executive, regulations also require that all lifting equipment is "fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in the majority of cases, subject to statutory periodic thorough examination."

Additionally, comprehensive records must be kept of all thorough examinations. Any defects found must be reported to the person responsible for the equipment and the relevant enforcing authority.

This is where our lifting inspection software can help.

Plan and Manage the LOLER Inspection Process

With the ability to plan and manage all aspects of the LOLER inspection, our lifting equipment module is used by companies across a variety of sectors that undertake large site inspections or one-off inspection work to produce statutory certificates.

In fact, our inspection software is now used by over 15,000 inspectors around the world, as it offers the production of different types of examinations, test and inspection certificates, reports, and Excel downloads.

Benefits of Kinetic

  • Rapid delivery of your certification - either through an interactive portal or automated delivery through email
  • Ability to build your own apps - instantly replace any paper-based checklist
  • Reports can be delivered in any language
  • Alerts to identify key events - certification expiry, personnel training expiry, and other key activities

Our lifting inspection software also allows you to:

  • Create a register of client equipment per site
  • Report on equipment with impending recertification requirements
  • Allocate inspections to engineers
  • Automate report creation and a reminder of the next test or exam date

What Motion Kinetic Offers

Motion Kinetic Lifting Equipment uses synchronisation techniques to allow engineers to work on-site with an offline snapshot of client data loaded on any device.

When the inspection is complete, the offline data is synchronised with the back office database, allowing all stakeholders to instantly review an up-to-date inspection status of lifting equipment.

The system is built around core central functionality including:

  • Client and site equipment register
  • Ability to create and design your own report of thorough examination, or use our standard LEEA compliant template
  • Build your own mobile app (requires no development - simply drag and drop)
  • Work pack/job creation and allocation
  • On and offline working
  • User-defined equipment category creation, including input validation and standard description formats
  • Statutory and custom reporting
  • Synchronisation
  • QA and approval process
  • Summary reporting
  • Publish to the client web portal
  • Management reporting

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