Building Sustainability With Automated Inspection Software

At Motion Software, we discuss how technology is helping businesses globally put corporate sustainability at the heart of their operations and create critical efficiencies.

Environmental impact of paperless reporting

More and more businesses are switching to paperless inspections to concentrate on sustainable growth. With the help of our online inspection platform, Kinetic, companies can implement a fully automated inspection solution that ensures an auditable paperless trial from initial inspection to distribution of certificates.

Switching to a paperless inspection process has many benefits for businesses in the renewable energy sector. With automated alerts when inspections are due, a complete database of live equipment status, and real-time data within our online portal, businesses rely on technology to help plan onsite inspections more efficiently.

With the ability to plan inspections, businesses reduce the number of onsite visits, saving time and money in transportation costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary travel, especially significant when travelling to remote and offshore locations.

Automating your certification process via an online portal not only streamlines compliance certification as required by law but provides businesses with a complete end-to-end inspection and certification solution, which is crucial to ensure a seamless, paperless, and thorough inspection process.

Achieving sustainable growth in the renewable energy sector

With the help of technology, inspections are more efficient and cost-effective. But perhaps most importantly, an efficient inspection process decreases machine downtime. Knowing when inspections are due allows businesses to maximise output and magnify what they do best – generate energy!

For larger, multi-site or inspection companies, this significant efficiency saving will allow you to expand your inspection capabilities with the addition of machinery or sites. With a wealth of data and valuable reporting available at your fingertips, technology is helping businesses to make informed strategic decisions that put sustainability at the core of their business operations and ensure future growth.


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