Kinetic Scan & Inspect

Save even more with Kinetic Scan & Inspect. Find items and equipment quickly and efficiently using QR codes or barcodes.

What is Kinetic Scan & Inspect?

Kinetic Scan and Inspect has been developed following popular demand from Kinetic customers. With this new scanning functionality, Kinetic users can quickly and efficiently find equipment using QR codes or barcodes, decreasing the time taken to locate equipment when conducting inspections with our dedicated inspection software, Kinetic.

Users can apply their own equipment specific QR or barcodes and use the Kinetic Scan and Inspect module to ensure the correct item is always being inspected. No more costly mistakes inspecting the wrong item!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for Scan & Inspect

Get in touch with us to add the Scan & Inspect module to your

2. Source barcodes/QR codes

Source and order your barcodes/QR codes. We're happy to recommend some suppliers.

3. Attach the codes to your items

Attach the barcodes/QR codes to your equipment items and
link them to Kinetic.

4. Start scanning

Use a mobile device or tablet to scan the equipment barcodes/QR
codes to start inspecting.

Discover how much you can save

The typical Kinetic user generates 42,000 reports per year. By using Kinetic Scan and Inspect, users can save an average of 59 seconds per report – a cost saving of around £11,000 annually. Use our simple calculator tool to find out how much you could save each year by investing in Kinetic Scan & Inspect.

Mobile device scanning a QR code

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