Your Guide to Paperless Inspections


Your Guide to Paperless Inspections

Are you reliant on out-dated paper processes?

Your customers are often required to undertake daily, weekly or pre-use checks on the same equipment. The process of recording this is typically on paper and often the paper is stored away and never used again.

As a result, inspections are not recorded or monitored and demonstration for audit is almost impossible or at worst an administration overhead.

A cloud-based solution

With the ability to plan and manage all aspects of inspections, a cloud-based solution is used by companies across a variety of sectors that undertake large site inspections or one-off inspection work to produce statutory certificates.

Moving processes online enables regulatory and safety inspections to be transferred to mobile devices, thus eliminating all paperwork and double-entry of data associated with inspections.

Paperless Inspections

Discover the benefits of a cloud-based management solution for the lifting industry. Our Paperless Inspections guide looks at:

  • Why companies are switching to paperless methods
  • Benefits of moving processes online
  • Automating the inspection process
  • Implementing a complete end-to-end management system
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