Cloud-based safety and legislative compliance for small inspection teams. Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) compliant

Real World Results

Kinetic Lite is ideal for smaller inspection companies with less than 10 inspectors (and when you grow we can move you to Kinetic Enterprise within minutes).



The show must go on is a rule all theatres live by. The curtain failing to go up or having to cancel because of faulty rigging is just not an option. Lifting Inspection teams know they need to get it right on time, every time.

Kinetic Lite helped one specialist inspection company get the edge on its competition by fully automating its inspection processes. The sheer volume of paperwork was bogging their business down. Reports were slow and cumbersome to produce, errors had strained some client relationships, and the business was failing to grow.

By using Kinetics Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) complaint templates and getting rid of the paper, it gave the business a new lease of life, ultimately regaining the trust of its customers. The resources saved from managing paperwork were re-focused on growing the business and it saw customer numbers increase.

Just as importantly, team morale was boosted because its inspectors could focus on getting the job done rather than ploughing through paperwork.

  • Reduction of paper trail
  • Regained customer trust
  • More time spent on growing the business
  • Team morale boosted
  • Resources saved


Large Hose

A major shipping and ferry company had a hose failure, subsequently delaying departure by hours. The hose hadn't been inspected for years, and had failed due to corrosion. The previous inspection company had missed it, as it had been misplaced in a paper-based inspection.

Moving to a new inspection company who could demonstrate an electronic inspection solution was an obvious outcome. Being able to log on at any time through a web portal and, more importantly, being given a weekly email on the status of all equipment was the deal maker. The client now has complete peace of mind that the equipment on board is being inspected as required, and they are notified immediately of any repairs or replacements that need to be carried out.

  • Automated emails weekly on the status of all equipment
  • Replacement program underway on a periodic basis
  • Local access to an offline register so if they need to replace a hose in a foreign port it is easy to do so
  • Prepackaged templates meet the EIC guidelines for inspection periods and replacements


Large Fire

For a fire inspection firm with hundreds of different customers, ranging from a sole trader on an industrial estate to houses of multiple occupation, having a single system to manage all these different types of inspections seemed unlikely and costly.

However, Kinetic Lite helped the company structure its processes. Its range of templates meant it no longer had to shoehorn inspections into a one-size fits all form, while its easy to use desktop meant finding the right customer information was a breeze.

The automatic scheduling tool allowed the team to plan inspections in plenty of time and give their customers peace of mind that they would meet all of the necessary legislative requirements.

  • Easy to use
  • Auto scheduling meant better time management
  • Met legislative requirements